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Wireless Network Management Tools

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The VASP Coverage Management Service (VCMS) enables a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) to aggregate and utilise valuable (and often disparate) network planning and prediction data across all areas of the business and within business processes.

It provides a seamless environment to view and query live, predicted, historical and proposed, coverage and capacity snapshots of the network.

Public websites,  Customer Service, Engineering, Network Operations, Marketing, Sales and Finance departments can analyse and make informed decisions with more information.

CMS provides:

  • service coverage prediction;
  • service qualification;
  • resource & bandwidth availability;
  • real time SLA monitoring;
  • real time coverage calibration;
  • real time network coverage views;
  • network performance monitoring;

Achieving these goals requires coordinated and unified efforts across all departments of the MNO, and where applicable, their MVNO customers.

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