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Managed Services

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VASP 24/7 managed services & support covers every base – from technical training through logistics, field maintenance and management, support and maintenance services. Our proven network analysis and reliability engineering methodologies use a raft of world’s best practices covering a multitude of technologies including cellular base stations, microwave backhaul and fibre networks, also covering ancillary/passive equipment including repeaters, antennae, cables, terminations, power supplies, buildings and DC distribution. VASP’s portfolio of managed services include;


  • Change Management Services
  • Service Delivery – Including:
    • Account and Relationship Management;
    • Service and Contract Management;
    • Technology and Service Planning;
    • Service Delivery Management;
    • Preventative Maintenance Services;
    • Incident Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Facility Management

VASP - Tomorrow's networks today  VASP - Tomorrow's networks today  
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Quality System endorsed company
Quality System endorsed company
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