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VASP Group Pty Ltd offers a new, unique and innovative approach to customised site shelters:

  • Built to any dimension with no side wall joins, and;
  • With optional passive cooling.

Manufactured to size with no side wall joins the enclosure walls, roof and floor consist of an extruded polystyrene core with an outer FRP cladding bound to the core with a special resin mix.

The shelters can optionally be built ready for transport and deployment at site or can be transported to site as a “Flat Pack”, saving considerably on transport costs.

The most recent design is based on a modular configuration of the tank/exchanger system. Many tank/exchanger modules are put side to side up to reach the required power and simply bolted together for better rigidity.  Typical power for one module is 150W in desert climate. Design/production times are considerably reduced.

Passive Cooling Option

Additionally, shelters can be provided with a passive cooling option eliminating the need for conventional power hungry AC systems.  In cases where options are required for separate battery enclosures, this can be attached to the main shelter. This approach  allows for specific battery only cooling options, significantly reducing resources / power consumptions over standard shelter models as the whole shelter no longer needs to be cooled to meet the battery specific climatic requirements.  (See also our battery offering section here).

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