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VASP Group was incorporated in NSW in 2002 by Telecom engineers Virginio Archetti and Steven Percossi. Previously comprising its principals’ private companies and several acquired entities, it was consolidated in April 2007 into a single entity: VASP Group.

Between 2003 and 2006 the group saw annual revenues grow more than sixfold. Over the same period, it experienced a customer churn (loss) rate of 8 pc – a figure as low as the fiercely competitive telecoms services industry sees.

Archetti and Percossi have a long and successful history of collaboration, dating back to 1985 with the launch of InstalComm Engineering Pty Ltd. Over 13 years, the company grew from a two-man operation above a shop in the Sydney suburb of Seven Hills to a 120-person, multimillion dollar presence across the Asia Pacific region.

InstalComm made a name for itself taking on the toughest of projects rolling out complex networks in hostile environments. Its first such major project came in 1995 with the signing of a $36 million dollar deal with Papua New Guinea’s Post & Telecommunications Corp (PTC) to upgrade that country’s telecommunications system, replacing an ageing analogue microwave network with a solar powered, digital microwave radio system. InstalComm Engineering was eventually acquired by construction giant Transfield Holdings, merging into a workforce of over 600 people.

Archetti and Percossi embarked on their new venture combining their own engineering and entrepreneurial skills with several acquisitions of their own…

  • Systems integrator and network service provider Xite Telecommunications;
  • Hardware and technical services vendor Somerton Systems; and
  • High-powered cellular repeater manufacturer Beslay Technologies.
These entities are now completely integrated with the VASP Group brand. The client list includes all the major telecommunications service providers and vendors as well as a number of government and enterprise businesses.

VASP - Tomorrow's networks today  VASP - Tomorrow's networks today  
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