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Dynamic Asset Documentation Management

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VASP Group Pty VASP is a leader in efficient accurate recording and creation of as-built data, inventory data, test data and asset data. VASP has customised the “DAD”  (Dynamic Asset Documentation ) system software application (From I&E Systems) for the requirements of both fixed and wireless telecommunications networks. 

DAD enables VASP to build a virtual model of systems of connected components such as electrical power, control and instrumentation, communications and IT systems along with tracking inventory, BOMs and any other associated data (test, asset etc as required).

Installation teams can modify the data in real time (provided they have the requisite authority levels) via web based access to ensure accuracy of  all “as built” network information, (including test data) thus providing a database of all related systems information which includes asset and inventory.

Every change in data or connection is stored with time, date and user name. Importantly in case of “roll back” requirement, the previous configuration of the piece of data is also stored.

The virtual model is inherently more accurate and efficient than traditional documentation based methods as each piece of information is stored only once.

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