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Culture & Values

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We have two aims: to win your business and to keep it. In laying claim to your business, we can talk about passion, integrity, teamwork, 'client focus', 'going the extra mile' and 'thinking outside the square'. But all that is probably best summed up in two small statements.

Firstly, VASP Group has one of the industry's highest staff retention rates. And secondly, at around 8 per cent, we also have one of the industry's lowest client churn rates.

Our corporate culture is built on a combination of genuine fascination with what we do, absolute integrity and the ability to pull rabbits out of hats. Our principals' relationships with many of our professional staff go back to the mid-1980s, long before VASP Group was conceived.

VASP Group's people have rolled out communications networks across some of the harshest terrain in the world. Places like the highlands of Papua New Guinea, the jungles of Brunei and the far northern reaches of Queensland. We're the people carriers turn to when the going looks like getting tough.

VASP Group has built a long standing relationship with its many staff. In recent years the organisation has experienced rapid growth meaning that the focus has shifted to maintaining and increasing a staff body with a strong and recognisable unified culture. Core values tie our organisation together and enable us to have a common understanding of how we value people.

  • Display honesty in all our working relationships
  • We have committed and enthusiastic employees that have a keen interest in the business and seeing it grow
  • Our staff are passionate about the work we do, giving 100% every time
Team Work
  • Our staff pull together as a team to ensure our clients needs are met 100% of the time. Not only does a VASP team member meet the client's expectations but there is an organisational effort to constantly exceed those expectations. The little things go a long way for the VASP customer, and it is the customer that is ultimately the highest priority.
Mutual Respect
  • Treat others fairly and openly
  • Mutual trust is essential
Can Do Attitude
  • Since the very beginning the can do attitude has been a core value that has stood out both internally and externally
  • No matter how challenging the task a VASP staff member will always give 100% effort and will see the benefits of the challenge 

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Quality System endorsed company
Quality System endorsed company
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