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VASP, as a master distributor of Battery Energy supplies and supports the ENERGELTM, SUNGELTM and POWERLYTETM range of batteries.

SunGel is a revolutionary long life battery for use in telecommunications and associated equipment back-up / stand-by applications.

Developed in conjunction with the CSIRO these batteries typically outperform other gel batteries by a factor of 2 or 3 application dependent.  The batteries incorporate specifically designed corrosion resistant alloys, high performance, long life active materials and a hi tech gel formulation to prevent electrolyte ‘dryout’.  Additionally they have excellent recovery from deep discharge.

Manufactured in highest quality ISO 9001 accredited premises in Australia, 100% cell testing is performed to ensure reliable performance.

Design life in any battery is critical in Capex and Opex considerations. The SunGel batteries excel in this respect with a design life of 20 years operating at temperatures to 20 degrees Celsius, 15 years at 30 degrees Celsius, 10 years at 35 degrees Celsius and 5 years at continuous operation at 45 degrees Celsius.

These advanced operating characteristics can more than double the battery design life and more than halve the “Cost of Life” equation when compared to standard Gel batteries.  When used in conjunction with VASP Passively Cooled Shelters, OPEX savings can be substantially over conventionally design approaches to radio communication sites.


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